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Flush panel doors


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Product information


Rick's Doors supplies a wide variety of flush panel doors to suit virtually any application. From non-rated internal and external doors, to fancy veneers, fire doors, x-ray and acoustic doors as well as metal clad security doors, Rick's doors can meet your needs.

Doors are tailor made allowing for vision panels of any size or dimension from a wide range of glass types. Edge strips are also offered, allowing for improved moisture resistance and robustness as are a variety of skin types and door thicknesses.

Penetrations for return air grilles, pivots, electronic locks and door seals are available cutting down on site installation time.

Service and delivery

We understand that our clients have both demanding design requirements and tight time schedules. We respond to these demands by offering:

  • EXPRESS delivery within 24 hours to 1 week
  • STANDARD delivery minimum 15 working days

Rick's Doors supply flush doors, door sets and frames for a range of applications and a host of building types in the public and private markets, especially hospitals, schools and colleges both in Brisbane and throughout south east Queensland.

Guaranteed delivery times are subject to specifications and volumes.

Flush panel doors built to your specifications

Door core

  • Solid door
    • Solid core
    • Block board
    • Particle board
    • MDF
    • Flax board
  • Hollow core
    • Honey comb
    • High density honeycomb
  • Other
    • Polystyrene
    • Poly core
  • Door skins
    • Primecoat MDF
    • Plywood
    • MDF
    • Timber veneer
  • Sub frame
    • Finger joined pine
    • Timber
    • Exotic timber
    • Timber veneer
  • Edge strips
    • Hardwood
    • Finger joined pine
    • Exotic Timbers

Need advice on Flush panel doors

Buying Flush panel doors can be confusing. Call us to ensure you are being provided the right product for the right price.