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About us

Rick's Doors was established at Sumner Park, Brisbane in 1972 by Richard Fuller to service the needs of the construction industry and residential market. The company moved to a larger factory in 1985 and continues to this day as a family owned and operated business.

Mission statement

Rick's Doors seeks to provide quality doors, frames and associated products to the building and construction industry on time and at the right price. We guarantee our products to comply with clients specifications. Rick's Doors strives to excel client expectations through positive communication and the benefit of our expertise and experience. We recognise the role we play in the larger community to create a safe work place, provide economic opportunity, help protect our environment and act as an ethical corporate citizen.

Rick's doors and the environment

Rick's Doors is committed to operating its entire business processes in an environmentally sustainable manner at all times. We embrace environmental awareness, protection and enhancement. Our goal is to be regarded as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen that practices environmental stewardship and provides our valued customer base with complete comfort that our products have been produced in accordance with applicable independent environmental standards.

We consider the sustainability of the materials we use during our manufacturing process e.g. re-cycled aluminium, sustainable timber sources, low embodied energy etc. through responsible purchasing and clever design and are committed to continue these best practices to ensure that we continue to operate with minimal impact to the environment.

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